The Vidafy Model

We’ve chosen the direct-sales model as our method of distribution for our amazing wellness products. It’s a great way for individuals and families to share financially in the company’s success, and word of mouth is the sincerest form of marketing a product or service. Think of it this way: If a movie is bad, you’ll tell your friends not to waste their money. But if you like the movie, you’ll tell your friends they have to see it — and you’ll probably go with them! Instead of entertainment, Vidafy produces and distributes the very best in life-converting wellness products. And if you like the products and share them with your friends, we say “thanks” as many ways as we can.


Vidafy was founded on the notion that we’ve all been born with the potential to lead the life we’ve always wanted — for ourselves, for our families, for our communities.

Some businesses require a huge up-front investment; others can take years to show a noteworthy return. We’ve simplified the whole process into a few simple (and simple-to-duplicate) steps.

When you look into the Vidafy compensation plan, you’ll find you can be rewarded with commissions, rank-advancement bonuses, incentive trips, leadership pools, lifestyle bonuses and more.

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