“Our sincere desire is to help you make decisions based on love and hope, leaving behind any doubts and fears.

Shane & Laura Brady


For almost 20 years, most of my life decisions were based on fear.

 I was afraid if I didn’t get good grades I wouldn’t get a good job, and my family wouldn’t be able to live an elevated lifestyle. Later, I was afraid if I stepped outside my comfort zone, I’d lose what comfort I’d gained for my family.

After years of working to live the lifestyle we believed we’d wanted, I realized I’d fallen into a dangerous routine — one that was taking my family and me further away from our true dreams.

But to change the routine was scary, so I kept it to myself. Thankfully, my wife, Laura, helped me talk through those fears, and to remember our real dreams.

She helped me understand that it’s never too late — nor too early — to go to work on our dreams, to battle the negative talk and simply find a way to make it happen.


So, in 2016, we confronted our doubts and fears, and poured ourselves into the foundation of VIDAFY.

It’s been a journey full of challenges, but we’re gratified to know that our decision has impacted not only our own family, but also the lives of families all over Mexico and the U.S. It’s allowed us to be participants in the life-conversion of so many wonderful customers and entrepreneurs.

The story of VIDAFY is made up of many personal, powerful stories — and they’re still being written. We feel blessed to work with people willing to share their dreams with us. Thanks, everyone!

Shane Brady