The Hidden Secret

There’s something of a secret in the wellness industry . . .

Now, it’s no secret that certain herbs, botanicals, minerals, etc., can contain natural, active ingredients with the potential for great wellness benefits — it’s been proven countless times in clinical studies.
It’s more of a secret, however, that taking supplements as part of a daily routine doesn’t always deliver the active ingredients in amounts sufficient to truly impact overall wellness.
VIDAFY, Inc., founders Shane & Laura Brady have known about that “secret” for years, and that was the principal motive for their search to improve  “bioavailability” — what our bodies can absorb, process and deliver — of promising natural ingredients, like curcumin.
Thankfully, their search led them to a patented nanotechnology from Germany. We call the breakthrough BioMS™, which stands for biotechnology with micelle solubilization.


Our Flagship Product

Employing the unique, patented BioMS technology, we developed what is now known as Curcuma Plus with vitamin D3.

Curcumin is the active ingredient found in the turmeric root, used throughout Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Until now, access to its true potency has been limited.

Today, VIDAFY’s proprietary formulation ensures an absorption level of more than 90% of the active ingredients, giving our bodies amazing, unprecedented bioavailability of turmeric’s lipid extract.


Scientific Backing

VIDAFY products undergo clinical trials at institutions and universities around the world. Multiple international patents protect our processes and technology.

The Wilson Center, in Washington, DC, monitors consumer products around the world that are based on nanotechnology. There are 49 international patents for applied nanotechnology in nutritional supplements, and VIDAFY is one of only six companies in the United States that produces them.


International Patents

International application: PCT/EP20 13/001427
Utility model protection Germany: 20 2012 012 130.8
International proprietary emulsifier system: EP 10785 350.9






Certifications & Awards