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Curcuma Plus  is Vidafy’s  first in a line of proprietary wellness products. It features the best delivery of  the powerful anti-inflammatory curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric.

Our unique formulation is made with BioMS™, a patented nanotech process that lets your body process  curcumin at optimal  levels. This function is commonly referred to as “bio-availability,” which means this valuable supplement can be absorbed at the intestinal level and then transported most efficiently to each cell, delivering benefits and optimizing its effects throughout your system.



    Nanofy Turmeric is the first of a product line based on patented nanotechnology which offers standardized curcumin with very high bioavailability.

    This formulation allows curcumin to be easily absorbed at the intestinal level and then transported to each cell, where it leaves its encapsulation penetrating the cell membrane, exerting its benefits on our body.


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      Food supplement based on a formulation of prebiotic fiber, probiotics, herbal mixture and magnesium gluconate. SINBIOFY is formulated on the basis of cutting-edge science. It is the innovative synergy between prebiotics and probiotics

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