• ✓  Wholesale pricing
  •  ✓  Automatic product delivery


  • ✓  Wholesale pricing
  • ✓  Revenue sharing
  • ✓  Business tools
  • ✓  Recognition


These days there are a lot of options for starting a home-based business, but they can be pretty complicated! Some require a large up-front investment, and others can take a long time before you see a return.

The SIMPLIFY business model may be just right for you.
Read on to find out how!



IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!


Step 1.  Choose your membership package

Which one works best for you?

----  KIT 100  ----
For those who want preferred-customer pricing on VIDAFY’s wonderful wellness products

------  KIT 250  |  “ENTREPRENEUR”  ------
For those who want a home-based business with minimal investment. Includes preferred-customer pricing PLUS opportunities for recognition, travel, sharing in company revenues, digital tools to help your business, and more.

------  KIT 500  |   “ENTREPRENEUR PRO” ------
The most powerful way to build your business.  The KIT 500 facilitates faster, sustained growth of your business. You get all that comes with the KIT 250, PLUS qualification for special bonuses and other business-building features designed to accelerate your business' growth.


Step 2.   Share with three people

Once you’ve experienced the benefits of Vidafy’s unique and effective wellness products, you’ll want to share them.

And it’s pretty simple to qualify for as much as USD $730 commissions over your first 30 days with VIDAFY! Here’s how:
• Choose KIT 500 on sign-up
• Invite 3 others to join with KIT 500
Do that within your first 30 days after sign-up, and you’re on your way to earning more than USD $700 with VIDAFY! 

Note: This can include the Sponsorship Bonus, Rank Bonus and Triple Bonus, for a total of more than USD $730 — considerably more than what you initially paid, PLUS a bit more!


Step 3.   Help others do what you did

Help your 3 contacts complete Step 2 for themselves within their first 30 days with VIDAFY, and behold the power of duplication:

As their teams grow, yours will too — and you can qualify for
more bonuses and commissions within the VIDAFY rewards program.

For more information on what’s available and how to build your business, speak with the person who helped you join VIDAFY.

Great rewards along the way